Dear YEM Holders,

We are approaching the final phase of the BID (Board of International Directors) Election 2021. We have 12 candidates who are all qualified to represent the YEM on an international level. Please take your time to learn more about each candidate as they introduce themselves on this page.

The election will open on March 20, 2021 and will close on March 30, 2021. Each YEM has 7 votes, because you vote for the 7 people who shall be our new Board of the YEM Foundation. Thus, you need to pick your 7 favorite candidates.

The final results will be published on this page on March 31, 2021.

Hendrik Klein
Hendrik Klein is the principal of Da Vinci Capital Partners, a privately-owned investment firm and serves as its CEO.

Hendrik Klein is a networker and business generator of the highest order. As an award willing investment opportunist, he’s aided a slew of institutional and high stakes investors.

Winner of the Austrian Hedge Fund Award, German Hedge Fund Award and Global Best performing Systematic Quantitative CTA, Hendrik and the staff of his firm Da Vinci employ the latest quantitative data research and analysis in the investment strategy. Only in its twenty’s year in business, the privately owned firm has already built a strong reputation in the Alternative Investment management industry.

He was holding an interim seat on the Executive Board of Bruno Magli SpA, which manufactures fine luxury shoes. He played an integral part the acquisition of Italian luxury fashion brand Bruno Magli, HEROES and licensing Manchester United & NBA Lifestyle shoes. As a professional who speaks both German and English, he loves to use his above par language skills when initiating new business agreements.

Hendrik’s hobbies include skiing, hiking, and running. He graduated with an MBA from Hochschule Mittweida in Germany. He lives in Switzerland.
Chris Thornhill
This candidate resigned from election.

Jorge Sebastiao
It is both an honor and a pleasure to serve in the board of the Yem Foundation. Since over 12 years Crypto Currencies have become a critical element of digitalization and transformation in Fintech in our lives. I have founded and serve in several organizations promoting the usage of Blockchain for greater trust, transparency and decentralization, they include the Global Blockchain Organization GBO , and Government Blockchain Association GBA with over 25k members worldwide. Looking forward to take the necessary steps to drive the acceptance and practical use cases of Yem both in Government, Financial Sector and ECommerce.
Dr. Henry James Mbidde
Name: Dr. Henry James Mbidde
Training: Doctorate in Business Administration (International Business and Strategy)
Career: Consultant in Trade, Business, Strategy, and Development Projects (Evaluations).
Researcher: In Blockchain Technology, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Synthetic Assets
(Tokenization of Assets and Economy).
During my tenure as an African Representative on the BID of YEM Foundation, I will contribute to the progressive growth of YEM value, make it an admirable and dependable form of payment and medium of exchange in Africa.
I will achieve this by identifying, writing, and presenting tokenization project concept proposals for specific African countries; these shall be backed-up by YEM, ultimately increasing and protecting both the tokens and YEM values.
In Africa, many countries and continental institutions are yet to embrace blockchain technology, Decentralized Finances, and tokenized economy for their assets’ value improvement and protection. I consider this an opportunity for our YEM to occupy this space as a potential back-up for various digital tokens, country currencies, and income distribution. The more digital assets YEM backs-up, the more it gains value, a situation that is great for YOU and ME (the Power of WE) as our wallets explode.
The other categories are the private individuals like artisans, the talented ones, and even rare experts, who yearn to keep the values of their work-pieces, expertise, and earn optimally from them; I intend to introduce the ideas of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) backed-up by YEM to secure their optimal value using blockchain technology. Ultimately this will only increase the value of OUR YEM and Wallets.
The other category where YEM participation would be paramount is the backing-up of capital development projects and environment-social-governance projects between countries, Regional Governments (ECOWAS, SADC, EAC, etc.), and within specific countries, I intend to interest African governments an
Empress Namagembe
My name is Empress Namagembe (Queen of Rainbow Currency)

Member and promoter of Rainbow Currency, Visionary, Author and founder of Mine Your Backyard, a Wife and Mother, I wear numerous hats from CEO, marketer, answering phone, accountant, to negotiating contracts with corporate clients and contractors.

My ability to manage personnel from different sectors enabled me to build a successful business based on trust, professionalism, and hard work. Growing a real estate portfolio ranging from the UK, Dubai, Kenya and back in Uganda.

I was introduced to “The World Biggest Project”, and I did my due diligence since I am not a cryptologist. I decided to base my research on who is behind YEM, their vision and how I can be sure that they won’t disappear like all other companies!

I embarked on hosting our first ever Rainbow Currency conference – London Crypto Conference, it was a success with livestreaming to the world, attended by Mr Dan Settgast and the president of YEM Foundation Miss Lora Bilger.

By getting people to understand the global financial reset and crypto/digital currencies most people are starting to awaken on the power of YEM currency. Currently I have a dedicated team from various nations such as the UK, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

My desire is to fulfil YEM Currency vision to a mass adoption of YEM, also to bring value and stability into the crypto world by establishing and growing an economy where YEM is the only accepted form of payment. With new developments where there are institutions buying and regulations going on all over the world, stable coins with great projects like YEM are flourishing.

Using the power of WE, TRUST, and TRANSPARENCY everything is possible. To all YEM holder members I will ask you to cast your vote for me to bid and will devote my time to reach out to help promote YEM and all Unicorn programs.

I will be looking forward to serving and promoting “The World Biggest Project”.

Empress Namagembe
Musinguzi Muhsin
hello thank you for this opportunity which I fully welcome to me.
Am Musinguzi Muhsin a nutritionist as well as a food scientist. I work for Uganda Nutrition Biotechnology Council a non profit oragnistion that aims at improving Nutrition in Uganda through the use of biotechnolgy and modern science. I understand that the YEM foundation was created to improve on the lives of people across the world which is still one of our major aims at Uganda Nutrition Biotechnology Council. here we improve the lives of people thought improving on there Nutrition using biotechnology.
I also happen to be a Thought For Food (TFF) ambassador which is organisation has aims of improving food security in the world
working for the YEM foundation is quite a good partnership in improving lives of people across the world since the YEM foundation stands for improving lives, respect for all , elimination of All sorts of social injustice among other values that improve human dignity.
I believe much in the objective of the YEM foundation and very much have confidence in the crypto currency YEM that is affiliated to this very foundation. I believe the YEM has the future for morden payment system, with its authority friendly approach it will be easy for it to become number one payment method across the globe. this is what I feel I can be part of the group that will make this happen. I have got good crypto portfolio where I have managed to attain some knowledge on crypto currency and went ahead to attain the different crypto currencies including the YEM.
I have acquired skills in computer ad website designing plus app development. I have been able to write many papers concerning nutrition, food science and health as well. which I believe will Abe of good help to the YEM foundation.
I therefore eagerly wait to work with the YEM foundation to improve the lives of the people across the world
Martha Isabel Castaño Rodas
I am a Professional in Business Administration, Specialized in: Project Management and International Finance, and I have a Master's Degree in: Formulation and Evaluation of Economic and Social Projects and in Human Talent Management.
For 20 years I have been a tenured professor at Colombian universities, a job that I am currently developing.
For 7 years I have carried out activities within the Unicorn Network providing support in different tasks necessary to consolidate our company worldwide, all this has been possible because the managers have kindly given me their trust and have always thanked me, corresponding with work and good results . .
For 3 years I have been collaborating in the YemFoundation, where I have achieved excellent results, not only for South America, the region that corresponds to my location, but from this front we can positively influence the development of other regions.
Why should you support my re-election?"
My commitment, dedication, honesty, knowledge of the cryptographic ecosystem, vision and experience in the development of programs and projects nationally and internationally, and the goals achieved during these 3 years at the YemFoundation guarantee that this second period accompanied by an excellent team of work, also succeed, for the benefit of all Yem owners.
Thank you all for your support
Daniel Settgast
My name is Daniel ‘Dan’ Settgast, and I guess most of the YEM holders at least know my name. I am one of the co-founders of YEM. In 2017, as the CEO of SafeZone, I was fascinated by the new fields of blockchain technology, crypto currencies, and FinTech. This could have been the answer to our need to find a fast, secure, and cheap way to receive and send payments to/from our members all over the world.

It turned out that all existing crypto currencies do not fulfill our high SafeZone standards, and thus, the idea of creating the ‘perfect’ digital currency was born. I am happy that more than 3700 people joined the movement and today, 3.5 years later, there are more than 1.2 million YEM holders.

For more than a year, my main focus is to establish the YEM as an international ‘authority friendly’ digital currency, and I support the current Board of YEM Foundation in many ways.

It would be an honor to be an elected member of the future Board of International Directors, because thanks to our great and steadily growing team in our group of companies, I could focus even more on the success of YEM.
Anita Madgundi
Hi everyone Myself Anita Madgundi from India. I am standing for Board of Director elections of Yem foundation.
I represent Yem foundation and Yem coin
because I am crypto trader, crypto investor and have wide knowledge about using crypto currencies in my day to day life. And I am very fascinated about this advance technologies like blockchain, smart contracts, Defi etc... Crypto (Digital currencies) changing the traditional use of money. And I always look forward to learn these upcoming projects in crypto space.. The reason behind choosing Yem is because of it's Core Values and future Goals, Yem is also reliable in stability of its price... And yes it's also secure in our Safezone System so there is no risk of hacking your Yem account...
And I would love to represent Yem Foundation and Yem coins to many other crypto investors and I would also like to invite new crypto Investors to our Yem foundation ( Yem coin).

Thank you !
Vote for me if you would like to see my work in Yem foundation.
Anita Madgundi
Amante Castillo Elnar
Hi, I’m Amante Castillo Elnar, 50 years old, a Filipino, a father to my single child, and a husband to my loving wife. I am a graduate of Education and Philosophy (Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education - 1998 and Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy - 2003). I took up some Masteral units in Education and Public Administration. I became Principal in two schools in the Solomon Islands, one for senior high school in 2006-2008 and the Vocational Teachers in 2008 – 2010. In my return to the Philippines, I became an Academic Director at a private institution in 2010 – 2013. I changed my career from the Academe to Engineering when I decided to work abroad in Saudi Arabia. This abrupt detour of my career opened my mind to more knowledge and possibilities of learning a lot more especially in the areas of IT. Between the years 2013 – 2020, I started to understand so many skills in Computer Engineering (Hardware and software), Networking, Programming, Blockchain development, Machine Learning, App development, Security, and many more.

I started to know our company when it started as PerfectInternet (PI) in 2011 and that’s the time I became a PIFM or Perfect Internet Founding Member and later evolved to UFM or Unicorn Founding Member. Some of you know me for a long time and some members who newly joined maybe don’t know me yet, nevertheless, let me share my experiences here in our Unicorn Network family. The most memorable activities we had at that time started when the “Think Tank” was initiated by the Founder. I became the leader in 2 – 3 projects and at the same time a member of other projects. I became a Country Manager for the Philippines in 2014 – 2017 when we had more stars (websites) developed inside the Pi Galaxy.

You may ask why I applied for this position, for me BID is not just a position to fill up, an empty seat to sit on, but a blessed position to carry on with pride and dignity. It attracts me to give my three years of service without apprehension. It give
Andrew Reid
Hey everyone, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Andrew and I’m from Canada. I joined this wonderful opportunity in 2012. Today I’m a Unicorn founding member, RC co-founder and recently became a member of our Safeident Verification team.

If elected here’s what you can expect from me:
I will uphold our YEM to the highest standards and status that it deserves. I will always be there and committed to our projects. I love learning and staying updated in this new digital era and educating individuals about our YEM opportunities. I’m ready to work as a team to bring success to our YEM worldwide.

I whole-heartedly believe in our founders' vision for this project. I have been apart of the crypto-currency community for a long time now since 2016 before YEM was created and I work within the banking sector and I can tell you right now that YEM is a definite game-changer.

This is why I am heavily invested in this project. I can see so much potential for our YEM and T-coin tokens to be accepted and used as everyday currency around the world in this new digital era. The economy that is being built around YEM is unique and a powerful movement. With the right team to guide and represent YEM into this new digital era, I can see amazing results happening for YEM and its users worldwide and this is why I would like to be apart of that.

I believe in the “Power of We” and I would do everything in my power to see that YEM is accepted in every country.
Samuel Aduralere Agunbiade
I am a Nigerian citizen. I reside in the city of Jos in Nigeria. I hold a Master's degree in Political Science from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. I have previously worked in a state government ministry, lectured in the University of Lagos and worked at the international department of a bank all in Nigeria. Presently I work as a pastor and an entrepreneur. I run my own businesses.
I am a FinTech and Cryptocurrency enthusiast and investor. My experience in Cryptocurrency investment dates back to 2016 when I purchased my first units of Bitcoin.
I am a UFM, and I passionately believe in the vision and goals of our Unicorn network. I am a participant in almost all the programmes of the Unicorn Network. My joy and passion is to see Unicorn network succeed and especially to see that the YEM really becomes a truly global everyday money. And to achieve this, I am willing to cooperate and work with other members of the BID of the Yem foundation deploying the wealth of experience I have acquired over the years as a leader.

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