Gangnam Plastic Surgery Clinic IP Cam Video Viral On Social Media, Watch Full Clip Online On Internet!

A video from the clinic is going all over social media and exposes 30 women, including famous celebrities. There are now a lot of people interested in knowing what the nature of and why it’s being praised so much. The news reports say that IP video footage of an infamous Gangnam Plastic Surgery Clinic released in recent times. The incident took place earlier last week. The video was shared to Twitter as the user who posted it tweeted in the description “Plastic surgical IP cam”. The public is showing enthusiasm for it and are eager to learn more about the subject. The incident has garnered the attention of everyone across the media. In addition, social media users are eager to learn who was the culprit.

Gangnam Plastic Surgery Clinic IP Cam Video Viral On Social Media, Watch Full Clip Online On Internet!

Gangnam Plastic Surgery Clinic IP Cam Video

According to news reports, about 31 videos comprising 1.5 gigabytes of information were uploaded online, and went viral on various other platforms too. The video that went viral was said to show plastic surgeons and doctors in or out of the room , and patients were dressed in a variety of different ways and receiving treatments. The cyber probe division within the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency is currently looking into the matter. They are investigating the video of an internet protocol camera. The reports state that the videos leaked by the clinic have around five days of information. However, no patients have been identified as of this moment, and authorities are taking this matter seriously and are evaluating all details.

Additionally, Seoul Metropolitan Police has not arrested anyone suspected of being in custody. Furthermore, IP camera footage is already appearing on the internet. Several people were shocked when they saw the video and wondered how certain people be able to record such events. There was a suspicion on the 7th of March 2023 that video footage taken in the changing room in the plastic surgery as well as ECG room (in the room, people usually remove their tops) were also released. It’s a horrible thing to see what you are watching and how could a well-known clinic be able to do these things to its patients?

The clinic was inspected by police officers on site to determine whether the dressing area in the controversial cosmetic surgery centre of the clinic was identical as the one filmed by the public in the viral clip. The police officials informed to the general public they had gathered evidence to evaluate the damages. Police also works in conjunction with Korea Communications Standard Commission and the Ministry of Gender Equality in an effort to prevent future distribution of videos. Further to this an individual’s consent allows video recordings to be made in the treatment and operating rooms. Anyone is aware that video recordings in dressing rooms or changing rooms is not permitted.

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