Is Paula Weinstein Related To Harvey Weinstein? Family Relationship And Net Worth!

Paula Weinstein isn’t related to Harvey Weinstein, although they have a similar name and a profession within the field of film. Paula Weinstein was a highly known film producer who been involved in successful films. The Weinstein’s mom, Hannah Weinstein, a film producer, moved her household to London around 1950. Hannah Weinstein produced TV projects which employed people who were blacklisted Americans like “The Adventures of Robin Hood.”

Is Paula Weinstein Related To Harvey Weinstein? Family Relationship And Net Worth!

Paula’s father was an editor at The Brooklyn Eagle. In contrast, Harvey Weinstein was born to parents Max Weinstein, who worked as a diamond cutter along with Miriam Weinstein. The year 1987 was the time he got married to the assistant of his Eve Chilton and welcomed three daughters-Lilly Ruth as well as Emma Weinstein. After the divorce of Eve the couple, he was married to English fashion actor and designer Georgina Chapman, in the year 2007. The couple has two children, a daughter and a son.

Is Paula Weinstein Related To Harvey Weinstein

At the “Through Her Lens: Tribeca Chanel Women’s Filmmaker Program” lunch, Paula Weinstein, a effective executive and producer of Tribeca Enterprises, made a humorous comment about her last name. In a time in which Harvey Weinstein was facing negative criticism, Paula Weinstein told the media that her name was not working in the moment.

She stated that she’s not related her father Harvey Weinstein, though they were both of the same name. Paula talked about the improvements made by women in Hollywood by highlighting the change from envy to support for women working in the business.

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