Karen Dead On Sistas Or Escaped, What Happened To Karen Dead On Sistas Details Explored!

It’s not been long since the sixth season of the popular BET’s hit show Sistas began, but fans are now wondering whether Karen is dead or not due to her being involved in a tragic incident. Thus, many fans of Sistas are asking what has happened in the life of Is Karen. Women will agree that friendship is among the strongest bonds that people be able to form with other women. This show will also provide insight into the nature of female friendship as well as how women are portrayed as having a negative view of their private and professional lives. In this piece, we’ve examined the storyline of Sistas in greater detail.

Karen Dead On Sistas Or Escaped, What Happened To Karen Dead On Sistas Details Explored!

Four of the best friends are featured in the show. Andi can be seen as divorce lawyer performed by KJ Smith. Danni has a job as an airline manager portrayed by Mignon Von. Karen is the proprietor of a hair salon, played by Ebony Obsidian. Sabrina is a bank supervisor played by Novi Brown. Through the course of the seven seasons on the show The women have gone through many changes, yet their bonds of friendship have been strong.

Karen Dead On Sistas Or Escaped

It is not a stretch to suggest that the ladies meet again, as Karen seems to be having problems, however. The discussion focuses on Karen because there are a lot of speculations regarding her, it is reported that Karen was involved in an incident at her salon. Karen contacts her assistant Pam to confirm that she has locked the salon, while Pan who is known for not shutting off curling irons may have not shut down the salon in a proper manner. Additionally, Karen goes to the salon to find herself caught in a blaze at the salon. Karen attempts to get an extinguisher to put out the flame and not call the police. But is her effort enough to start the fire?

When Karen is involved in a fire in the salon she works at, people speculated that Karen could have died in Sistas. The events that were that were shown in the last episode caused the death rumors for Karen. It’s evident that the fire started due to curling irons. Furthermore, Karen fails to come out of the fire, and is unable to walk out of the store after becoming unconscious. It is evident that Karen is severely injured, but that doesn’t mean she is dead.

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