Lara Logan Assault Case Update: What Happened To Lara Logan, Where Is She?

Lara Logan is a prominent journalist who is well-known as an investigative journalist. She has reported on many international events and conflicts throughout her career and has also worked in areas of war. Lara Logan became well-known for her coverage of her coverage of the American attack on Afghanistan in 2001. Following that, she was an anchor with CBS News in 2002. In time, she was the top reporter for foreign affairs.

Lara Logan Assault Case Update: What Happened To Lara Logan, Where Is She!

She also has faced criticism regarding her commentary and reporting which led to ethical debates. Journalist Lara Logan is actively sharing news and updates via social media. Recently, she spoke about her experience with the Baltimore bridge collapse as an illustration of how cyberattacks could cause huge damage to vital infrastructure without being apparent, much like the attack in 2020 at a voting machine.

The view didn’t go over well among Twitter users, so they bombarded her with a plethora of questions in case there was a problem with her. Many users believed that the correspondent suffered a head injury as she was in a crash with a vehicle or a fall. Additionally, they believed Logan was channeling thoughts of her inner Trump thoughts since her tweets did not match with the Baltimore bridge collapse. But she believes the rants and insults on Twitter have made her more powerful.

Lara Logan Assault Case

However, her Twitter followers praised her for being honest and applauded her voice in expressing her thoughts. Lara Logan joined Fox Nation in January 2020. She revealed her resignation in March 2022. fired her. She was not even allowed to make any guest spots in Fox Nation following comments comparing Dr. Anthony Fauci with Dr. Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor famous for his cruel experiments in medicine with Jewish prisoners.

Since then, Lara Logan has independently covered news and voiced her views on Twitter. In her bio on Twitter, Lara Logan highlights her independence as an investigative journalist. She also lists awards she has received including those of the Emmy, Bloom, Gracie, Morrow, and DuPont Silver Baton Awards.

Lara Logan and her CBS crew were handcuffed and blindfolded at gunpoint, while their driver was beaten. They were advised to leave Egypt and were then released. On February 15 2011 CBS News reported that Lara Logan was assaulted and sexually assaulted when she was covering the celebrations at Tahrir Square after Hosni Mubarak’s resignation.

The attack was described by the victim as involving between 200 and 300 people, lasting between 25 and 30 minutes. Although she felt hands touching her and yelling for the men to stop she was beaten and her clothes ripped off. Then she was saved by a group of women who held her back until soldiers arrived. Logan was returned in America. U.S. the following day and stayed for four days in the hospital. When she returned she was contacted by Obama called her. Barack Obama contacted her.

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