Murio Tongo Death Cause And Reason, How Did Musician Murio Tongo Die? Funeral And Obituary!

The shock waves are coming from Peru where a well-known musician died. This is the story of Murio Tongo. Yes, you read it right. Peruvian musician Murio Tongo, aka Jose Abelardo Gutierrez Alanya, is no anymore. He died. It’s always shocking to learn of the passing of such a talented persona. Murio Tongo was among the most prominent personalities from Peru. However, he’s no longer among us. According to reports, Murio Tongo passed away on March 10, 2023. Since the shocking news came out, it has taken the internet on storm and made people think. The news is being discussed extensively across every social media platform. People are becoming eager to know about this story. What exactly has happened? Many questions need to be addressed. The reader is asked to know more about the subject.

Murio Tongo Death Cause And Reason, How Did Musician Murio Tongo Die? Funeral And Obituary!

Murio Tongo Death Cause

What did happen to Murio Tongo and how did he pass away? According to reports that the Peruvian musician Murio Tongo died on the night of Friday on March 10, 2023 at the Loayza hospital. Murio Tongo’s death is confirmed by management at the Loayza hospital. After hearing about the tragic news of Murio Tongo his child Cint Gutierrez announced the information via social media.

Murio Tongo’s daughter posted the news of her father’s passing in a post on Instagram, “Special people never die, they remain in our hearts and memory, you were a great father, the best, you filled many people with joy, you will never be forgotten, now is the time for you to fly high and sing up there in the sky, I will do it from here For you, we love you forever, daddy,” She also posted an image that shows the performer.

Murio Tongo’s longtime companion Gladys Lupinta also took to social media to express her sadness over her husband’s death. She left him. She was by his side throughout the final moments. The singer reportedly passed away following the effects of a terminal illness. Murio Tongo’s wife remarked “Forever within my soul, dear spouse, lover of the longest time, I am forced to acknowledge your passing regardless of how much my heart is broken, rest at peace. My beloved husband Abelardo Gutierrez Alanya TONGO.

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