Nicola Courtney A180 crash Video Viral On Social Media, Three-year-old son Died!

A crash report was reported where two innocent victims died. The crash is being referred to by the media as A180 Crash and individuals are seeking more information on the incident. The report states that two toddlers and a mother were tragically killed during an accident at the intersection. The deceased are identified as Nicola Courtney and Lucas Page. The tragedy occurred when the 34-year-old Scunthorpe (mother) as well as her 3-year-old son were traveling on the A180 close to Immingham. The mouthpiece in the statement released that “Officers are asking for information following an incident which occurred on March 10, 2023.” The incident was related to a fatal accident on the road.

Nicola Courtney A180 crash Video Viral On Social Media, Three-year-old son Died!

Nicola Courtney A180 crash Video

The police have also requested that contact the non-emergency 101 number or reference log 557 from March if there was evidence of the collision, or the cars before the collision, or have dam-cam footage of the vehicles prior to the incident. In relation to the incident, the unforced report was submitted to the Independent Office of Police Complaints (IOPC). There are plenty of individuals who want to learn more about the incident in a thorough way. We have already mentioned that the mother, who is 34 years old, as well as her son of 3 years are believed to have smashed into the live lane on the A180 near Immingham.

On Friday evening, at approximately 08:45 pm A driver reported diverting around a “stranded” blue Ford Focus and they also alerted the police about the incident. At around 09:06 PM, an articulated white vehicle struck the stopped vehicle and inside that vehicle, the father and mother were in the vehicle and both were killed immediately. Prior to the incident, the lady claimed that she needed to “swerve” through the darkness to avoid a car that was broken down Nicola and she then contacted an emergency service. According to the witnesses, it appears they observed that the Ford Focus was “stranded” on the left-hand side of the double road before being hit by an HGV.

Cops have asked anyone who is watching to come forward to let them know what they know concerning this particular incident. As a result of the accident, Humberside Cops reported its findings to the police. Many people grieve the loss of mother and son. They’re sending condolences to the families of those who died and are sorrowful over their loss. The family is not in a place to speak with anyone, and we respect your privacy while waiting on the perfect moment to speak with them.

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