2018 World Junior Team Canada Scandal Details Explained!

The 2023 IIHF Men’s Hockey Championship is scheduled to begin in Finland on the 12th of May 2023, the list of players for Canada’s World Junior Team has to be made public. But what happens to the players that were on Canada’s 2017 World Junior Team, will they be included in the roster for this year? Many aspects remain being scrutinized, despite just only a few hours released in the announcement of Canada’s World Junior Team. There are a lot of speculations being discussed regarding the selection of players that were on the 2017 World Junior Team. Recently, however, a statement was made up about the players’ selection to play in the IIHF Men’s Hockey Championship. It was stated that players from Canada’s 2017 World Junior Team will be not eligible to play. This news should be read thoroughly as we’ve gone over the story in depth in the sections below.

2018 World Junior Team Canada Scandal Details Explained!

2018 World Junior Team Canada Scandal

Hockey Canada released a statement on Monday, which clarifies doubts regarding Canadian selections for the 2018 World Junior Team members and it clarified that no member of the 2018 World Junior Team will be allowed to participate for the National Team in the 2023 IIHF Men’s Hockey Championship as an investigation is in process, and a decision is still in doubt in the case of the alleged Group Sexual Assault case.

Hockey Canada stated that such an announcement would have the greatest effect on the anticipated selection of the roster for the IIHF Men’s Championship which is scheduled to take place this year in Finland next year. The announcement reads, “Earlier this year, Hockey Canada made a decision that, until the investigations and adjudicative procedure of the incident reported in the year 2018 are completed and concluded, no members of this year’s National Junior Team could be considered to be included on Team Canada. This information has been sent to the management team of Team Canada at the 2023 IIHF Men’s World Championship.”

In the opinion of Hockey Canada, it would be better to eliminate all participants from selection, rather than risk the player. A probe has been in procedure since June 2018, which was suspended in September 2020. It was reopened on May 20, 2022. The public is waiting for the final roster of the 2023 Canada IIHF Men’s Championship team

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