Ashton Winger Arrest Reason And Charges, Why Did Ashton Winger Arrested Details Explored!

This weekend saw unexpected and shocking events in Dirt Racing. According to reports, Ashton Winger, the driver, and his father were both arrested following an incident on the track. Ashton Winger’s arrest news has been making headlines all over the internet. Netizens are frantically searching for the details of what happened at Dirt Racing Southern Raceway that led to Ashton Winger’s arrest and his father. This arrest news is easily one of the most popular stories on the internet in the last 24 hours. We have created this article to look at the incident and dig deep to find out what happened. You will find all the important details in the next sections.

Ashton Winger Arrest Reason And Charges, Why Did Ashton Winger Arrested Details Explored!

Ashton Winger Arrest

Two moments stood out at Dirt Racing this weekend: the first was a win moment, and the second was dramatic. Let’s start with the winning moment. With 33 laps remaining, Cory Hedgecook beat Dale McDowell and won the title of Tennessean Super Late Model Race on Saturday, March 11, 2023 at 411 Motor Speedway, Seymour. It was actually Cory’s third win in a row.

The drama between Ashton Winger, GR Smith and the Southern All-Stars Series racer on Saturday at Southern Raceway Milton stole the spotlight. GR Smith was disqualified for his mistakes, including rough driving, while Ashton Winger received a warrant for violence.

Ashton Winger was arrested along with his father after a brawl broke out between the teams. Ashton Winger was arrested with his father when Smith made contact with Ashton in turn 1. Ashton did the same lap as Smith and returned the favor in turn 4. According to reports, Ashton’s father attacked Smith in the pit area which led him to be arrested. Ashton, along with a GR Smith team member, were also taken into custody.

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