Erin Hawley Disability, What Happen To Author Erin Hawley Disability And Illness?

Erin Hawley is a disabled digital content creator. She is employed as Digital Content Producer for Easterseals the Thrive site that assists people who have disabilities. The site assists disabled women through mentorship and assistance via online communities. Erin’s site aims to foster self-confidence among those with disabilities. Erin is also the author of a blog, The Geeky Gimp. Her blog reviews nerdy items such as books, movies, and games, but with an angle that is focused on disabilities.

Erin Hawley Disability, What Happen To Author Erin Hawley Disability And Illness?

Erin Hawley Disability

She is currently pursuing her master’s diploma with a focus on Multicultural as well as Transnational Literature at East Carolina University. Erin Hawley is the brain behind The Geeky Gimp, where she is the writer, creator, and editor. With disabilities such as Muscular Dystrophy, scoliosis, and anxiety, Erin has navigated life through unique challenges. The Muscular Dystrophy is an inherited condition that weakens muscles as time passes. It may cause problems with physical strength and mobility.

However, scoliosis is a condition where the spine curvatures to one side, leading to discomfort and impacting posture. Erin’s condition Muscular Dystrophy and Scoliosis means she is confronted with challenges relating to mobility, muscle strength, and posture. These conditions can affect the way she lives, and require adjustments and adaptations to manage the demands of her job and other routines.

Despite the challenges, her determination is apparent in her pursuit of her passions and her fight for accessibility and awareness of disabilities throughout her life. Erin is a resident of Keyport, New Jersey, which has always been her home. In her spare time, she binge-watches many episodes of Star Trek, hangs out with her friends and plays board games, is obsessed with Mariah Carey, and loves going to Devil’s hockey games. Erin’s desire for accessibility drove her to become a consultant, making sure that all analog and online gaming experiences are accessible.

As a transgender Latina, Erin offers a different perspective to every task she undertakes. When she isn’t advocating for accessibility, she is absorbed in her passion for Star Trek and Spock or jams out to Mariah Carey’s music. The Geeky Gimp started as a slender review blog in 2013 focused on the portrayal of disability in games, comics, and television shows. In the years since, she has extended her reach to social media platforms, where she shares her love of geek culture and awareness of disability. She also has an account on Twitch channel, where she streams videos regularly or follows the YouTube channel where she records little snippets of her day.

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