Jose Mourinho Arrest Reason, Why Was Jose Mourinho Arrest Trending On Social Media Explored!

Did you know that Jose Mourinho, the Chelsea manager was arrested? This news is currently dominating the internet and buzzing tremendously. People are eager to find out the reason behind Jose Mourinho’s arrest. What was the reason Jose Mourinho was arrested? After hearing that Jose Mourinho, the Chelsea manager, was arrested, there are many questions. His arrest news is probably one of the most popular topics on the internet. We have created this article to look at the incident and dig deep to find out what happened. You will find all the important details in the next sections. Keep reading the article and be sure to bookmark this page.

Jose Mourinho Arrest Reason, Why Was Jose Mourinho Arrest Trending On Social Media Explored!

Jose Mourinho Arrest

According to reports Jose Mourinho was taken into custody after a dispute with police officers. Why did Jose Mourinho argue with officers? According to reports, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho also missed the player-of-the-year award. Tami, his wife, called him saying that their Yorkshire Terrier dog was being taken. Jose Mourinho was on his way home when he received a call from Tami, who said that he had seen two police officers and a medical official take away Jose Mourinho’s pet to place him in quarantine. The pet had been brought abroad without any jabs.

According to the spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police of London, two officers from the Animal Health and Welfare Service and a police officer went to Jose Mourinho’s home in central London on Tuesday afternoon at 7:45 PM to take his dog. Jose Mourinho disagreed with the officers and tried to stop them from taking his pet away. The Met also arrested Jose Mourinho on suspicion of obstruction to police. Jose Mourinho was transported to West London Police Station.

According to the spokesperson, “He was subsequently given a caution for obstruction of police.” Officers arrived at the home to seize and arrest the dog for violations of the Animal Health Act of 1981 and the Rabies Order Act of 1973. According to reports, officers were discussing the removal of the dog but the Chelsea manager arrived at the scene at 9 pm and took the dog with him.

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