Kim Sae Ron Photo Controversy, What Happened Between Her And Kim Soo-hyun Details Expained!

Kim Sae Ron posted a photo of actor Kim Soo Hyun up close on Sunday to her Instagram story. She has now refused to comment about the viral photo or dating speculations. Fans were curious to know if the two shared a professional relationship or if they were simply friends after seeing their close-up photo. Fans have questioned if the two are related or if they’re just posing together for a picture. Kim Sae Ron posted a selfie on her Instagram Story with Kim Soo Hyun. The cheeks of each person were brushed. She deleted it in a jiffy.

Kim Sae Ron Photo Controversy, What Happened Between Her And Kim Soo-hyun Details Expained!

The now-deleted picture was downloaded by fans quickly, which caused a buzz on the internet. Others believe that her rapid uploading and deleting of the picture was a publicity stunt designed to get attention. Gold Medalist, which represents the actor Kim Soo Hyun of “Queen of Tears”, has stated that the rumors about him are unfounded. In their statement, they also said that any post defamatory or insulting that damages an actor’s image would be strongly reacted to by legal representatives in a law office.

Kim Sae Ron Photo Controversy

Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Sae Ron, and other former members of the same agency likely formed a close bond as they worked together under the same label. The actress’s motives and actions behind the sudden uploading of the photo are unclear. Fans are concerned about the actor who stars opposite Kim Ji Won in “Queen of Tears.”A fan said,’ The Queen of Tears star Kim Soo Hyun is not commenting on the baseless rumors about his possible love life with Kim Sae Ron. Kim Sae Ron, 23, is currently on a hiatus following a Seoul Central District Court conviction for drunk driving.

Her accident occurred when drunk Kim Sae Ron drove in Gangnam, Seoul on 18 May 2022. After the case, she kept a low profile until December 2023 when she made a comeback with a new look on Instagram. She finally spoke out about the viral photo saying it was best to remain silent and not make any comments on the rumors. Kim Sae Ron’s fans are unhappy with her decision not to comment since she had previously promised to make a statement. Kim Sae Ro was having a tough time, according to an associate of hers. She uploaded the picture impulsively because she felt like it.

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