Where to Find Vondel Zoo Dead Drop In DMZ? Vondel Zoo Dead Drop Details Explained!

It’s not been long since the brand new Vondel map from Call of Duty: Warzone and DMZ was released in season 4, however it’s already caused a stir and caused a whirlwind. The map is currently being played by fans of the Warzone map on Resurgence playlists, however DMZ fans will have more to discover and enjoy on Vondel. If you’re trying to learn more about Vondel Zoo Dead drop, this article is perfect for you. In the next sections of this article, we’ve reviewed a number of new dead drops found in Vondel as well as shed information on the location of Vondel Zoo dead drops. Vondel Zoo Dead Drop within DMZ.

Where to Find Vondel Zoo Dead Drop In DMZ? Vondel Zoo Dead Drop Details Explained!

DMZ players are able to unlock the brand new Phalanx faction after finding Phalanx dead drops. Phalanx dead drops and the fresh keys. Once they have completed the missing factions then players will be able to unlock the Phalanx faction is released. Naturally, if players do have any chance of getting their missions completed on Vondel they will need to know where Dead Drops are and, most importantly, they must know where the Vondel Zoo dead drop needs to be found.

Where to Find Vondel Zoo Dead Drop In DMZ

In addition, several Dead Drops that are brand new to Vondel are available, but finding their location is a daunting challenge for players. If you’re keen to find the latest dead drops, you can go to the location to deposit an item to continue on with the quest or complete the task. The locations of the dead drops players must locate are precise, while DMZ players may be confused as they try find their way through Vondel to locate dead drops. Many players are finding it difficult to locate dead drops, and have taken to the internet to find out where they can find the dead drops.

Vondel Zoo Vondel Zoo is expected to be situated in”Zoo “Zoo” point on the map. It is a huge area, so the dead drop won’t be readily apparent to the player. It is situated on the Zoo POI’s southwestern corner and directly above the place where Stronghold is. The players must be on the western side of the Zoo in order to travel towards a structure directly in the direction of west from the Fish icon, where there is a dead spot situated on the map.

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