Who Is Laurie Oakes & Why He Is Related To Dan Oakes Family Tree Explained!

There’s no evidence to suggest to suggest that Dan Oakes and Laurie Oakes are connected. They may have a common last name and may share the same job, but there’s no evidence of a connection between their families between the two. Dan Oakes is a senior ABC Investigations team reporter known for his in-depth reporting and investigative journalism. He is well-known for collaborating with journalist Sam Clark on the Afghan Files and was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia. Laurie Oakes is a famous Australian journalist in the field of politics, renowned for his in-depth report on Australian politics. He was employed in Canberra Press Gallery from 1969 to 2017. Canberra Press Gallery from 1969 until 2017. He covered Canberra’s Parliament of Australia and federal elections for radio, print, and television.

Who Is Laurie Oakes & Why He Is Related To Dan Oakes Family Tree Explained!

Dan Oakes And Laurie Oakes Don’t Have Familial Connection The ABC journalist Dan Oakes, believes journalists must be careful not to become the subject of news stories. He is determined to keep his neutrality and impartiality in his reports. He hasn’t yet revealed his family’s background at this time. In contrast, Laurie Oakes was born in Newcastle, New South Wales, and was the daughter of Wes as well as Hazel Oakes. When Laurie was just six years old the family moved to Cockatoo Island, Western Australia, where his accountant father was moved to work in an iron ore mining facility.

Who Is Laurie Oakes

As Laurie Oakes’s family background doesn’t mention siblings or brothers He is most likely the only child in the family. If only the details of Laurie Oakes’s siblings were made public, Dan Oakes could be considered to be an older brother with a similar surname. Dan Oakes And Laurie Oakes Beleive In Fair Journalism Since 2013 Dan Oakes has been a senior reporter for his ABC Investigations team.

He started his career at The Age newspaper in Melbourne where he covered a variety of beats, like sports defense, foreign and defense as well as telecommunications, police, and foreign affairs. Despite the controversy surrounding his most famous work his work in the Afghan Files, Oakes accepted the award as an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) recipient with an irony. In the case of Laurie Oakes, the politicians, their staff as well as their adversaries have provided information to him ever since in the year he began reporting political affairs in the State for The Daily Mirror. Oakes has earned respect and fear from MPs for being impartial and refusing to give favorable coverage in exchange to get exclusive news. Dan Oakes is still active in journalism, whereas Laurie Oakes retired on 18 August 2017.

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